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March 14, 2004, 12:43 a.m.

I will not write this in flowers.

I will not smear this in perfume.

This will not be dainty.

This will not be eloquent.

All I ask is that my fingers will work. For they have been lubricated by my tears.

This is the moment I have a belief.

This moment so rare for I do not carry a belief system.

But for right at this hour,

I believe in love.

I have come to make a declaration. To tell you all that love is not false. It is true. Possibly the only thing valid that I know.

I saw this love by looking at myself. I didn't see myself through a mirror or piece of glass. I saw my whole being through his eyes. I saw his love. I saw his everything staring at me.

This was overpowering. Most will never see what they look like in reality.

As a human, this overwhelming moment only opened the gates to flooding. I cried like never before. I cried like a prophet on his knees, waiting for the world to split, but then came rain.

I will never be able to explain in words what I felt completely. I wouldn't want to explain it because then it would be a photocopy not real or reliable.

I will not write this in tongues.

I will not give it a pleasurable scent.

This is the moment I have a belief.

This is the hour I believe...

In love.

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