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May 29, 2011, 3:33 p.m.

I have seen a desensitized life.

I was once proud of this immortal state, but as I grew older I realized, to dull one's senses was to keep the shutters forever closed. Soon the windows behind the shutters disappear along with the shutters.

We are born with various senses for a reason, why deny them?

Unlearning desensitization has coincided with most recent lifestyle advances. I have embraced mindfulness and what is to be mindful. When you live a good duration believing that you're immune to the world's ill concoctions, you are no longer living, just floating, like a piece of plastic in the ocean.

Some people strive for a numb and floating state of awareness. Why live and consume resources if you don't appreciate living?

I don't believe in sin, but if it does exist, it would only entail a life not appreciated.

I know life can be dictated by pain and anxiety, but when you realize that pain and anxiety are facets to what it is to be alive, you appreciate them. Both are there to help you learn about your body and your mind. How to learn to adjust yourself in becoming less in pain. But it isn't easy when you're not listening to your body.

The frightening thing about today is most people are not listening to themselves and refuse to listen. They misinterpret pain as a signal of war. War within. It is only a war when you fuel the fire, i.e. eating crap, drinking too much, sleeping too little, not relaxing, not breathing fully and deeply, not appreciating life.

You estrange yourself from others and from yourself when you believe that you and your pain is yours alone. It is not. The way you emit energy affects others. It also affects you, like a cycle. I urge you to consider breaking that cycle. Evolve. Become someone who is better at living.

Also remember that living is a process. Nothing is static. Everything is a creative force wanting to progress. To grow. Allow yourself the time to learn how to live and then once you have a good idea, just do it.

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