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2003-06-03, 12:35 a.m.

They were all selected. They were ignorant. What was the reason for markings on their forehead? For religious purposes? For insurance? Of course. They looked like they were next. The next to be done for. Next for torture or lots of misfortune. It was an eerie sight. It was good intentions in their hearts that made them do this. Standing in a long line, waiting for their destination. They wanted the incinerated leaves fingered upon their skin. The ashes staining their pores. It's for the death of Jesus they say. Well good for them. They have beliefs. They have faith. As long as it makes them happy. But I will not conform. I will be myself. A walking human on this earth. Not following anything.

On a side note....

Walking in front of me were two beings that were flowing. Like no other people on this earth, they fascinated me greatly. One male, the other female. The male was dressed in all black. He had Tiva sandles on that had about a 1/3 of the top cut off. His toes and some of his foot was exposed to the ground. This was the most wonderful idea I had ever seen expressed so uniquely. Like a contradiction strapped to one's feet. For the rest of him, he was attractive and mellow but you could tell that he was confident and humorous. The female was shorter than him. She was wearing a long, brown, shiny, pleather coat. Also with faded blue jeans and birkenstocks. She had a shaved head but the hair was growing back. She had a beautiful face as did he. She kissed his shoulder. As her lips parted from his arm, there was soft, blue electricity.

Same day:

The brown field was plagued in black dots. These dots had wings attached to them. So many dots. It was like they forgot how to fly. They abandoned the tree and decided that the ground was the next step in evolution. All fluttering their tails when our presense grew closer. They would all fly at once, creating a thick wall of feathers and black smudges. Then they would relocate a few feet to the left and land on the dead grass again. I was envious. I wanted to be a black smudge for one second.

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