<< Awkward Humans >>
November 23, 2009, 12:21 p.m.

Awkward, everyday situations that should be deleted from our collective mindset:

*Issuing tickets for breaking the law
*Having to ask where the bathroom is when it's usually down the hall to the left
*Most etiquette that's really disguised as attention seeking behavior
*Attention seeking behavior
*Most things that require a herding of people for 'organization' purposes
*Time keeping
*Introductions, especially formal introductions listing a person's credible work
*Working for money. Recently, a friend of mine had a dream where no one worked, robots did everything so all humans started hobbies.
*Governments in general. Humans are too err prone to run a structured system such as a government. Thus all the stigma with the name.
*Prudishness. We're all mostly perverted people, why are we hiding it?

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