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November 20, 2009, 12:18 p.m.

We hear countless near-death stories from people all over the world, where in the end they become more grateful for life and overcoming death as if they knew how to escape it. I don't believe them. Almost doesn't count.

Do you think the countless other animals who 'escape' death everyday walk around in a deeper state of gratefulness? Do they stop taking the grass for granted? Do they start noticing the fresh air on their galloping muzzles? I think not.

We're so afraid of death that when near-death happens, we think it's not our time. This makes sense. We're aware of our existence, but in this awareness it seems to have evolved into entitlement. "I deserve to live." This is what we tell ourselves after nearly falling ten flights of stairs. "Everyone should know I deserve to live." This is what we do after near-death experiences.

And for those who think they have died... A heart stopped for a mere 2 minutes, a brain still functioning and pumping serotonin dreams of an afterlife. "I saw myself dying." This is what we believe when we come back from death. But it wasn't death. It was a heart, not beating, for two minutes.

Believe it or not, your body is still aware of itself even in an unconscious state. Of course you're going to dream about what's going on with your body at that moment of time. It's a traumatic moment, our bodies are all about the drama. This is why we have memories in the first place.

Where is this going? Well it's not, it's just here as a thought process. It will never reach formality and it will never be published, therefore it is done.

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