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June 13, 2004, 1:25 p.m.

This rock gravel will do wonders for my skin.

Never play with a kitten with the mind of a tiger.. For I poked and prodded until my flesh was in stripes of blood.. this kitten had claws.

I never know how far I can take my sadistic flirting... or is it flirting? Perhaps I don't know how to handle the opposite sex. What I do know is when I jump, I land on my feet, and this is the only time I have been pursued while pursuing. The one whom pursued me was the tail I was after.

Here I am... nude, and all I have with me is a rope. This rope is cutting into my wrists, and this coil is constricing around a rotting dumpster.

This isn't the Mercedes Benz of trash cans... the smell isn't five stars either. Actually, the odor is a mix of rotting chicken and beef, grass clippings, diapers, and spilled wine. The diapers and rotting chicken are the most pleasant in this concoction of chemicals.

How I got here? She lured me with her eyes, and I followed her long, fish net legs to the co-ed bathrooms. We entered a stall, and she pushed me onto the porcelain bowl. After that I cannot remember. Either she used chloroform, or I slipped on water and hit my head. This poor girl had to drag me from the bathroom to this dumpster and I'm 170lbs., 6'1", and she is merely 115lbs., and 5'10". She must me a tiger...

The worst part of this whole ordeal is that I'm not shy, and my location is unknown. The nudity situation is somewhat kinky, and I'm guessing she really wanted my new Gucci shirt. I have no idea if anyone will find me soon. No cars have honked, no children have giggled, and there has been no traffic of any sort for hours.

I look down at my scuffed up chest, and notice that she has branded me. There engraved in the middle of my ribcage is an imprint of her heel. She is not a virgin to power..


Men are predictable.

I come to work, assuming that no person will get in my way, for most know my reputation. So what happens?

Paying attention in second grade would have saved me a lot of time.. remember when the teacher said, "Never assume for it makes an ass out of u and me?"

Yeah.. well I was never the ass, but today he was. His name is Ron, short for Ronald, and he decided it would be cute to slip by my person and cop a feel.

Everyone should know by now that I do not do well with unasked attention, and I don't just giggle and scamper away. This young man was about to get a lashing, and I knew he was trying to forge some kinda of power over me. Never mess with a dom.

Ron blocked the entrance to the coffee room, and I managed to slide between him and the doorway without any body heat colliding. He entered the room as well, looked at me with a hideous grin, and this sarcastic grimace created a twitch in my left eye. I winced in horror. He laughed, and approached me.

I mentioned something about how uncomfortable our clothes must be... that the bathroom could be our temple, and we could worship each other without the clothing. He fell for it, and I took the bastard into the co-ed bathroom.

In the last stall, I pushed Ron onto the toilet, and gave him my best seductive smile. He reached for me, and I bid to his call.. but not for long. The moment his grimy tentacles grasped my ass, I kneed him in the side of the head, and managed to choke him into unconsciousness.

From there I pulled the fire alarm, carried Ron over my shoulder to a dumpster behind an abandoned Wendy's. I ran back to my car and found rope from rock climbing the previous weekend.

With this rope I tied each of Ron's wrists, not together, but in cliche Jesus form. I stripped him of all his clothing, and placed the expensive attire in the repulsive dumpster.

The rope was long enough to wrap around the dumpster several times, and I did this tight enough so that escape would only allow a sharp object.

In my last few minutes with him, I placed my three inch heel into his ribs like a flag in a new country. He was now my territory, and would never feel powerful again.

As I walked away, his body melted with the asphalt and dumpster. He became lower than the trash he neighbored with, and this gave me pleasure beyond words.

He should be waking right about now...

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