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2003-05-12, 4:20 p.m.

Attempt at humor,(sidenote, don't get offended this is only a joke, satire, parody, funny, hehe, giggle, haha, chuckle for everyone who knows humor):

My piece is called, "The American Way"

"America is the best country. I love it. I think everyone should live in America. I think that all the immigrants should be made American citizens. They should all forget where they came from, and embrace the best country in the world. America stands for people who want to be free. We are all free here in America. I want everyone to love America as much as I do. If you are not American, you are shit. You deserve to die. You should be dragged by a rope attached to your body and the back of a pick up truck. Someday America will rule the world. If not that, we will bomb all of you who are not America. Sorry Canada this means you too. There will no longer be free trade for there will be no other country to trade with. America will produce everything. It will have the greatest economy ever. Everyone will live happily with 3 cars, a fair sized house, 3 kids, 2 dogs, and both parents working and never divorced. I love war! America produces the best wars. We are the best at fighting. We know how to kill well. It is never wrong to kill other people if they are not American and criminals. Criminals deserve to be tossed into a line and shot blindfolded. So do gays. That's another story though. So go for America. Move here before we bomb your sorry asses and remember to convert to Christainity, vote Righty, stay straight, find a wife, produce many children, eat as much as you want, waste freely, and know that you are the most free that you will ever be if you are in sweet America.

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