<< Mantle Fall >>
2003-06-10, 4:18 a.m.

In my immortal life I plan on doing the following:

Pick up every grain of sand and displace every one of them for you.

Nurse the pool of love you have provided me, and very gently just sip on it as I feel euphoric.

Never name all the stars for you, but see every star with you.

Play music as I feel your bliss and my bliss intertwined.

By any means possible, change the world, even if it means destroying and/or saving it.

Provide semantics with a whole new meaning to body language.

Allow every moving particle feel what love is.

Understand the universe by watching rain hit asphalt.

Never take for granted that skin has the finer characteristics of the physical self.

Open all the doors in my mind for you except for one.

Leave that door closed until I die.

Never die.

<< Pacing >>

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