<< Intrinsic Melting >>
2003-15-09, 11:00 a.m.

With G. E. Moore's philosophy in mind, I know that we together are an intrinsic good. But I fight his words on the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. For we as individuals are wonderful, beautiful in itself. Together we do make life better, but without these parts, it would be nothing. Of course one has to see it as the whole being the best part, that it doesn't matter what the whole consists of. And yes, I agree, but I still cannot detach from him and myself.

I love my current reality. It is filled with him, racing through my mind, my dreams, my fingers, and my lips. He is the yin to my yang. Unbelievably, there is so much there that I have to question. Is it possible for something this perfect to happen? Yes it can, it is happening, and there is no stopping it. I wouldn't stop it anyways, I love him too much to ever halt what we have.

Sitting on a cement slab a foot above the ground, waiting for the bus, I thought. I thought about what the world would be like without us in it. Would it be the same? Or will we change it? I have no idea what is to come and how important we interact with what surrounds us. If we were to change the world, would this change be forever? Would it start the next revolution? If the world were to have much change in its future, but we were not in that plan, would it change faster or slower? Tis questions like these that put a big smirk on my face, leaving my head spinning, but I'm always caught in the arms of him.

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