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2003-25-07, 2:44 p.m.

That was always your best line. The one in which you would use to seduce any person walking near you. Did you feel the need in taking these people and hounding them with facts about life they did not want to know? I was the only girl that understood you. I was the only girl that was in love with you. So in love, I deluded myself with constant thoughts about when I would see you again. You put me under your wicked spell, and I fell for it. Next time I will knock you down first. You will see me and want every inch. I will control your needs and wants. I can see it now, you in a basement staring at the dim light. Thinking of how maybe, just maybe, we could be breathing at the same time.

(This will be in the novel I'm working on.. it is by me).

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