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2003-24-07, 12:15 p.m.

Finally the biography of schmee... I mean me...

Well.. I was born on a small raft after my parents were thrown off a cruise ship, and carried by the sea on a a piece of plank wood. My skin is a bit more salty than normal people because of this rare birth.

Actually I was born in a small town, in which isn't worthy of being mentioned, let's just say it participated in bombing innocent Japanese people. I have 4 siblings. Tim, the boy that gave my mother hell and does to this day. He's 18. Brittany, she's my soulmate/best friend. She's 16. Noah, my step brother who is a bit odd, but that's alright. He's 7. Shelby, she's a spoiled brat, but I guess that's alright also. She's 3. I barely get to see Noah and Shelby since my blood father is so busy with being selfish. It may seem that I'm bitter on this, but truely I don't care. It's his life.

I have a wonderful mother, Wanda. She was named after the singer in the 40s or 50s, I'm not sure of her last name(the singer). She has had an adverse life, but hasn't everyone? My mom is a young mom, she had me when she was 19. I am proud to say that I'm the first in my family to not have a child by the age of 19. By the way my age is 19, I'll be 20 on March 29th.

I have a step father named, Brian. He's a good person, but just chose the wrong path in life. He was raised with a cruel mother and father, and I guess he decided that he would follow a lot of their cruelty. He doesn't do it to be evil, maybe he doesn't know he's doing it. I love him anyways since he's the only real father I've had. The other one was really only a sperm doner. I do thank him for that.. I wouldn't be here otherwise.

I have lived in several houses in the course of my life. Most consist of the small town and its child town. I have many memories in all of these houses. Right now I live in a big house in the mountains. We have been living here for 6 years in November. I really don't "live" in the house anymore, only for the summer and vacation from college.

I am now going to be a sophomore in college. The first year was wonderful and very spontanous. It felt like I was there for years than one year. I meet two awesome girls, Becky and Maria. They are my current best friends. Over this summer they stayed with me and worked for the schools. My mother and I also work for the schools. They did maintenance though. I do the stereotypical woman's work, being the school's bitch. Meaning I do all the peon stuff. I don't mind it though, but I'm getting a bit bored and would like a challenge.

In college I learned a lot of course, but I grew tired of my surroundings. It's rare when I do that. Open minded observers such as myself usually can entertain themselves with anything. I guess I fell into the trap of taking things for granted.

In the beginning of college I feel into a crack. This crack tripped me and I was on the ground confused. I was confused with why I was putting myself through college when I didn't want to be there. I wanted to travel, be on my own, and do what I pleased. Of course this is a fantasy of many. I will do this in my life, just not at this moment. Also, college seemed unjust in their grading system. Most of a grade for any class is based on tests. I do not do well on any test. So.. I felt helpless, thinking I would fail college even though I would be learning. I soon found out that a lot of classes have papers, and this was relief. Sooner or later, I got back up and sorted things out. I experienced many new occurances in college. Such as sex. For until I was in college, I was a virgin. There is an entry about my first sexual encounter in the end of October or early November. The entry isn't very positive. If you choose to read it, read it with an open mind please. I have moved into a 4 bedroom appt. with Becky. All is well thus far. I am taking several courses: Abnormal Psychology, Philosophy of Literature, English(studies of the humaninties, and intercultural writing), Statistics, History of Jazz, and possibly a salsa dance class. These various classes are building up to a major in Psychology. I plan on becoming a criminal psychologist and if not that a sex psychologist. The surprise is I'm going to try to disprove most of what psychology is defining as right and wrong. It's complicated. If this psychology thing doesn't work out, I will just be a writer making 6 bucks an hour waitressing at Dennys. I have no idea why I have such an infatuation with Dennys, probably when I met that wonderful waiter there in the middle of the night. That is also an entry, possibly in April.

I have the strongest instinct urges to have a child. The problem is I can't have one as easily as other women. I have a prolactanoma(sp?) tumor on my pitutary gland. This tumor changed my life for the better even though there was some long term effects from it. Such as the ridicule by other kids in middle school. I'm over it though. For some reason I know I wouldn't be the person I am today if I had not received this medical disturbance. If I really do want a child, I have friends that said they would carry the baby for me. If not that, I will adopt.

It is wonderful to be back on my own. Independency, excuse the spelling, is evidently supreme compared to the watch of the "higher powers," such as parents, work, etc. I need to find a job soon because my mother wants me to pay for this semester's expenses. I don't mind, I should.

For about a year I have been conversing with this lovely boy named Jeff. I finally got the courage to tell him about how I felt. I had a river of personal facts to tell him, but I built a dam. It was until the "soaking truth," that I destroyed the dam, and let the river rain down upon him. Jeff and I are very happy together. He is loved not only by myself, but my mother, sister, and friends. The future is very anticipated. In about a year, he and I will be living with each other. He is going to get his masters in Computer Science here at this college. We plan on getting a dog, possibly a pug, but a much bigger dog might be better. ;) Soon it will carry on.

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