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2003-20-04, 2:12 a.m.

You're becoming those fading ripples in the night air. Walking faster than the human eye can catch you.

You're breathing like a feather, falling on that same night air, only you long the ground that you will never touch.

You're living life like you have more than a million days, almost like you are living past eternity.

You're winding yourself around those who pass you, stroking their hearts, while still weening them of future temptation.

You're tracing the lines of young, disasterous, yet innocent faces, slowly creating a chain reaction in thousands of nerve endings.

You're experiencing the hunger inside you that feeds on the wants and not on the needs.

You're fading away from salvation, nothing in mind, but everything flowing through you.

You're awaiting the person, he who will listen to your every breath, word, and glance. He who will take you to be taught, and to learn by you.

You're watching the grain become something bigger until it transforms into the universe, and must be observed by the details again.

You're always soaking up the bleeding rays of the sun as it paints the sunsets of lavender and pink.

You're playing with semantics with no direction, feeling rose petals and remembering the freedom of wind through your hair on a childhood swing.

You're reliving the lightning and thunder. Connecting with a person you thought would never give his heart in a course of an hour.

You're always saving the world because of the core of the human race, even though it should be injected with a painless death.

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