<< Buried Feet >>
2003-01-04, 12:36 p.m.

Rubbing. Rubbing raw. Skin. Skin being stretched. Becoming shiny. Becoming broken. Sand. Sand that is white and black. In waves. Sand in the broken skin. Red. Cutting the skin with the fine grain. Pain. Nerves flicker around in the red surface area. Sandles. Rubbing. Rubbing raw. Skin. Skin being stretchted. Becoming irritated. Focus. Pain dwells on the mind. Negative thoughts prosper. Water. Waves of salt water. Soothe. Bliss. Thoughts are directed towards the pleasure. Postive thoughts propel in the water. Love. Ocean. Breeze through hair. Feelings of being feminine. Day. This was the day of my birthday(March 29th). Finally at 19, there was an ocean to be met.

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