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2003-25-03, 11:50 p.m.

Silence is as real as the tooth fairy. Imagining what real silence is, is like imagining what clear looks like. There will never be silence anywhere. Even if you put yourself in outer space there would be the thump of your heartbeat, and the small ticker of your thoughts streaming through your mind. Walking through nature in the night there would be the wind, or a small breeze tickling the trees and grasses. The leaf covered ground would crunch under any given pressure. In a house with everything turned off and nothing but darkness entering your perception, there would still be the popping of walls. The annoying white noise consisting of a swirl of diverse buzzing. It may be that death is the only true silence. But one will never know until she experiences it for herself. When I die I want to dissolve into clearness and then have constant silence envelope me.

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