<< Ego's War For You >>
2003-17-03, 6:46 a.m.

A church, very quaint but filled with love. People in the community go to it in prayer. Each person's thoughts are different. A small blessing is asked. A question lingers in the air... Who will be next? As the priest expresses interest on how love was the only way to live, all the people content sitting on their section of the slippery pew, the love is shattered by a sudden explosion. The explosions force is so powerful it tears off the roof of the church and everyone is killed immediately. Surrounding houses are left in ruins and debris litters the dirt.

A school containing 1500 students, the ages 14-18, and teachers and staff are doing what every student and teacher does. A lesson in one room is being discussed. The subject is about the past and how it has effected today. Suddenly the building starts to shake and there is no time to scream and look around. The building collapases upon all the people, leaving no life.

Children are walking home. Their feet hurt because there is no bus to transport them. They run around playing games and enjoy the warm air. A crash is heard, followed by a gust of dusty wind. The children are no longer in one piece. They become lifeless puzzles.

People lie patiently in white rooms that are too sterile for their liking. Their backs hurt from lying in bed for more than a week. Pain is droned away by a constant drip of morphine. Most of these people are in their last years of life. They suffer quitely and only pray for the end. Their wish comes true. The building is hit by 4 missles, one after the other, and all casualties are found morphed into their collapsed beds.

Walking down a street, people run in fear. Dead animals, including pets, collect below sagging trees. Cars are in every which way, some smoking, some flipped over. With what was once a peaceful day, the sun melting ice cream, the warm air wrapped around everything it touched, it became tragedy. Buildings were now recognized as rubble.

This was the present. Every city in the world looked like this. Cultures vanished, environment conformed to one like appearance. Disaster. Soon people were gone, then animals, then plants, then microorganisms. Nothing was left except for a damaged shell, gravity and a hot core.

It was like this because of one decision by one man. He decided to get rid of us all. He didn't like the world any longer. He saw his power, he knew that the higher level was to destroy everything. So he did. He made war. Thanks, we all appreciate your selfishness.

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