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2003-19-02, 9:29 p.m.

It started with Donnie Darko. Thoughts brewing and circulating. There are theories for everything.

He might have dreamed up his death, or he may have gone into the future to see his life if he had not died. He went into the future to face his fears of being alone. I could be wrong.

It then progressed into an idea. We were going to stay up the whole night. Five individuals, one group. Resident Evil was watched. Toenails were sloshed in pink and red. Outside wanderings into the car without a window. We drove under the black blanket of night to Dennys. We wanted oreo pie, but at 2 in the morning you can't always get what you want. We settled on cheesecake. A new friend was made. Our waiter was like the character, Teddy, in Memento. Only he wasn't as sly and sneaky. I saw his whole life before me, just in the way he relaxed against the table across us. Hours were passed in conversation with this interesting man. He provided me with the secret to life. He didn't tell me, just him there, his life, was all it took. Conversation ended. We sat by the exit waiting for our last member. An old man, probably the age of 80 or higher was outside. He was skinner than an aspen tree. This man was life strolling with a grocery cart. A women came in. She looked at me as if begging to be judged. I just gave her a friendly smile. She probably wanted judgment because she knew she was overweight, she knew she was hungry, she knew that we were teenagers at Dennys at 3 in the morning. We drove to the university and onto campus. One needed to pee. So the rest decided to find weapons just in case someone wanted to steal us. I found an umbrella. This was too tempting to not go outside with it. So I opened it and spun and twirled the umbrella. No person would want to steal a twirling girl with a pink umbrella, no siree bob!!

Walmart. I go to this superstore too much. And it isn't that I like it, I just for some reason buy things from it or just walk around at 4 in the morning. I walked through cheap materials. I always see small children in Mongolia or third world countries with their fingers bleeding from sowing stuffed animals together for this corporation. Alertness was slowly being withdrawed from all of us. Some people had a small temper following them.

Home. We all decided in her room that it would be pleasant to see the sunrise... Alas, the sunrise was on the other side of the building... and we were waiting about 15 minutes for it at a wrong spot. The sky grew brighter but there was no sun. So we searched for it. When tired, patience is very small. We didn't see the sunrise.

End. We parted our own ways. I watched her type a paper. I drifted in and out of slumber. I decided it was time to hit my pillow. So at 9:15am I went to bed.

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