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2003-06-01, 2:34 a.m.

Her eyes got blurry. The words started to trickle down the page becoming one big ink blot. This ink blot couldn't be interpreted. She thought a lot about what it would be like to be attracted to no one. To be on her own, only pleasing herself. She feels that it is instinct that drives us to believe in love, in having a significant other. The ultimate goal was to survive and not only yourself but your genes. So the world has worked itself around this goal. The laws were made. And now we live them. She disliked laws. She didn't want to live them. The only problem she had was herself. The animal part of the brain where instinct slumbers. She would have to somehow detach her attraction to men and to sex. This would be difficult, but she knew that it was possible. So she changed her outlook on the world. She saw it as a playground. The people were her distractions, merely semi-intelligent beings that would only get in her way. She saw humans as only ants. There would always be those pretty ants that would tickle her leg but she could overcome. There would always be those brave ants that would save her from her death, but she would only smile and be on her way. She didn't want to survive by the laws. She only wanted to survive on freedom. So she left. She abandoned the rules, all of them. She went on her way to living without civilization. Only herself. She knew that there could be some struggling but there were always tracks in the ground to follow.

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